We have the expertise and experience to fulfill all of your traffic management requirements. Our relationships with both contractors and local authorities ensure your project will run smoothly and efficiently everytime. Southern Safety Services prides itself on providing experienced, highly qualified personnel that are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of traffic management services.

SSS can assist your traffic management needs, from preparing traffic management plans for approval by the local roading authority, to implementing and providing onsite traffic management.

Southern Safety Services has worked numerous film jobs, ranging from small scale TV commercials to big-budget Hollywood films such as Lord of the Rings. Our superior local knowledge and qualified crew sets us apart from the rest. 

Our dynamic team of STMS's, TC's and Event and Parking Marshals have worked some of the South Islands biggest events, giving us the experience and know-how to ensure that every event is both successful and safe. 


... SSS makes it easy for us to roll in with our machinery and just start the job, knowing our site is set up correctly and our staff are in safe hands on the busy QLDC roads....
— Stef White, Asplundh Trees Contract, Queenstown