Working for Southern Safety is a unique, fulfilling and rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth. We believe that maintaining a positive company culture is the cornerstone of a successful business, and for us, that is founded on taking pride in what we do. 

Our core values center around a strong work-ethic, clear communication and a mutual-respect. We love what we do and we care deeply about each other and our clients. 

We run the business like a family, constantly sharing ideas on how we can improve and exceed industry standards. Communication is paramount and enables us to continually grow as a company. We are not only focused on ensuring that our clients receive a service second to none, but we are also consistently looking for ways in which we can provide our employees with opportunities for further growth and development. 

It's a testament to our company's culture that all of our staff look forward to coming to work each day. The workplace environment is always cheerful and inviting, and outside of work this continues with a regular mix of BBQ's, social outings and events.

At Southern Safety, we are passionate about applying our core values to our day-to-day work. Our emphasis on maintaining these values is what has led us to become the highly efficient, professional and fun organization we are today.